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Beginning Thinker Essay

I would say that I am a beginning thinker, I have control of all of my own personal thoughts I know that I am not always correct most of the time during each step of the thought process but I feel that I have a really good understanding of how to fix some of the issues that I have when in thought. Although some of the conclusions that I come to either workout for the short-term or long-term issue or have a tendency to be the opposite of the outcome that I was hoping for. I sometimes catch myself making a quick decision without fully thinking through the whole concept or the outcome that it will have on the issue that I am working on. I think that I can fix this by not jumping to conclusions when I am in thought, having a system to make sure that I get to the best possible outcome is something that I think I will implement going forward just to make sure that the outcome for my decision is one that I will be happy with and not regret.

Critical Thinking

I would say that my current critical thinking skills could be a little better, mainly because I have a tendency to over think when I am trying to come to a resolution to a specific problem. My strategy mainly consists of me thinking about the different ways that I can get to the best outcome but I also have a tendency to throw in my own assumptions or bias when coming to a resolution, this is what I feel makes me to either make an incorrect decision or make a decision based off only what my own personal feelings are towards the situation. A way that I feel I can develop better skills as critical thinker is to take all bias out of my decisions and make sure that what I do is not only best for me but will also help me keep on a path to reach my ultimate goal.

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