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BBC Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Website of BBC

Some examples are “buinsees. com” and “greenpeace. org. uk” which are both very straightforward. Because of this importance, some people or institutions tend to register a specific URL name corresponding to a certain entity. However, there are some cases in which by the time the “true owners” of the name come up to establish a web presence, the registrants will tend to sell the domain name at a hefty sum which is unfair to the true business owner-thus called cybersquatting. It is very important to identify the act of cybersquatting because the problem brings a huge cost of monetary figures. It is one form of violation of business rights since malicious identities tend to capitalize on the brand name of…

Influence of tv on children

Television has come a long way since its invention in the 1900’s. People around the world have got to witness many historical events such as, the first man to walk on the moon, to even the inauguration of our first African American president. Although there were many great moments in history viewed on television, not many of the programs offered on stations are valuable. There have been many arguments on whether or not television has been a good influence on our children. I feel there are many advantages and disadvantages to television. But sometimes, television may not always be a good source of information for children and their development. There is also no excuse to use television to babysit children….

The function of research in Health and social Care

Research can be defined as a process of collecting information about a specific topic for a purpose. The importance of research in Health and Social Care is very high. Research can take days, months or even years. Its aim is not only to identify in depth information but as well to find out the amount of information that is already known. Through research we can have a better understanding of what are the service user`s needs and find ways of improving the service towards them. The data collected for research must be up to date and frequently evaluated. This would help making an accurate comparison to other pieces of information found. Even though the main purpose for research is to…

The story of the history of “Magnificence”

The story “Magnificence” started when a man, particularly a bus driver, comes to a house of two children to tutor and help them with their school works. The family of the children thinks that the man is good and their children are in good hands. They also think that there is nothing to fear when he is around. But in the end, the man’s true intentions were revealed. This story shows a man’s longing for pleasure at the same time it also shows the protective nature of parents toward their children. The title “Magnificence” suggests that something or someone in the story would stand out. Based from what I’ve read, magnificence was seen in the mother of the children because…

The Business Environment

Both businesses BP and the BBC have organisational structures. The reason of an organisational is to put in order the workforce to make sure that the organisation is capable to complete vital tasks and goals. Creating a structure with clear roles, functions and levels of authority and systems help make sure employees are working together as a team to accomplish everything the business must do. The term span of control is the number of people that one manger on the hierarchy looks after. The more people under the control of one manager the wider the span of control. Less people mean a narrower span of control. For example a BP the board of directors have a large span of control…