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Bayesian probability Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Review of The Drunkard’s Walk – How Randomness Rules Our Lives by Mlodinow

Read the book “The Drunkard’s Walk – How Randomness Rules Our Lives” by Mlodinow and pay special attend to the following questions. Some of these questions may appear on quizzes and exams. Chapter 1 Peering through the Eyepiece of Randomness 1. Explain the phenomenon “regression toward the mean.” In any series of random events an extraordinary event is most likely to be followed, due purely to chance, by a more ordinary one. 2. What factors determine whether a person will be successful in career, investment, etc.? Success in our careers, in our investments, and in our life decisions, both major and minor—is as much the result of random factors as the result of skill, preparedness, and hard work. 3. Was…