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Bata Shoes Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Research Methodology

1. About the Company: Bata Shoe Private Limited was incorporated in Calcutta, India in 1931. Bata was originally promoted as Bata Shoe Co Pvt Ltd by Leader AG, Switzerland, a member of the Toronto-based multinational, Bata Shoe Organization (BSO). The company had initially setup a small operation facility in Konnagar (near Calcutta) in 1932. In January 1934, the foundation stone for the first building of Bata’s operation now called the Bata was laid. By 1936 this plant commenced the manufacturing of shoes. In the years that followed, the overall site area proliferated. This township is today popularly known as Batanagar. It is also the first manufacturing facility in the Indian shoe industry to receive the ISO: 9001 certification. This company…