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Bat Mitzvah Thank You Speach Essay

I’m am very happy to stand up here in my synagogue as I become Bat Mitzvah knowing that my family has been a part of tbs for many many years. There have been many celebrations on this Bima including my parents wedding and my Dad’s Bar Mitzvah. And, now it’s my turn! Through all the help of my Hebrew School teachers I have not only learned the skills to prepare me for my Bat Mitzvah day but have learned the important mitzvot or commandments of being Jewish.

One of those mitzvot is Tikun Olam or making the world a better place. In the next couple of months I will be working on my Mitzvah project. I will be collecting boxes of colored pencils to donate to the unique organization, The Color Pencil Project. This organization is a non-profit organization created to increase the access of art supplies to children in developing countries. I hope you will help me support this wonderful cause. I could not get to this point in my life without the help of many people.

So, first off I would like to thank all my family and friends who helped and participated in the service, especially those who have come a great distance to celebrate with me. Thank you to all my Hebrew school teachers especially Morah Sarah who had to deal with me for three years, lead the service Friday night and made my beautiful Tallis. Thank you to Rabbi Scolnic for his support, understanding and guidance. And a big shout out to Marcie (aka Marcielino), for not only being my Halftorah tutor but for being my friend and always having faith in me. btw, stickle it, just a little bit) Thank you Aunt Leslie and Uncle Paul for searching high and low in Jerusalem to find me the perfect Jewish start necklace that I am wearing today! Thank you to Aunt Sharon for having patience and taking me dress shopping and allowing me to borrow these stunning shoes. Thank you to Marissa for being the best cousin and encouraging me to try on my party dress. Thank you to my Grandma for knitting me my Yalmukah that I will cherish forever.

And to my sister, Jess, you have been really patient… not always by chose but, still sat there while I sang my halftorah or doing my work. shes a pretty* good sister for a 17 year old and I love her very berry much(this is where you awww). oh and the most special thank you of them all, to my parents. cant forget that. if my parents weren’t here encouraging me i would honestly only know about 3 verses of the halftorah. I wouldn’t be standing here today without their support and love.

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