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Barriers Of Critical Thinking Essay

Three barriers that influence your thinking are fear, laziness, and stubbornness

Fear: Overcoming fear is one of my biggest challenges there are several ways I have learned to try and overcome that fear is stop doubting myself when it come to taking on a new task. Always keep a positive attitude even when I think negative. Because of my fear unfortunately I have missed out on several opportunities that could have been very positive. What I have also learned about overcoming fear is never be afraid of opportunity. Learning how to face your fears head on is a great way to overcome fear as well. Once you overcome fear it can be life changing.

Laziness: Overcoming laziness in critical thinking is to understand that research is very important and not always wanting to the easy way out of things. Taking the time to sit back and analyze and consider different point of views and also opinions. Always be willing to put in hard work when it comes to critical thinking. Critical thinking plays a critical part in our everyday lives and being able to make quick decisions is very important. Sometimes information is not easy to access and in some cases this where research and critical thinking play a major role in quick decision making.

Stubbornness: Overcoming stubbornness in critical thinking is being able to accept another person opinion also being open to changes. Not always thinking about what’s in it for me stop always saying I can’t or I want just because a change may come. Being able to think of change in a positive way in everyday living there is always change some we may like some we may not however as a human being you have to be able to accept and live with change. Employers have constant change and as an employee we have to be able to adapt and keep an open mind in every aspect.

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