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Barrel Essay Topics & Paper Examples

A Woman Named Martha Josey

Barrel racing is one of the rare sports developed initially for women. It is a “rodeo event in which a horse and the rider attempts to make a run as fast as possible and complete the given pattern” (Hubbard 1999). Any device that has a timer will be the judge for this kind of sport as it aims to record the level of speed. The timer “begins when the rider cross the start line and ends when the rider successfully executed the barrel pattern or when they cross the finish line”. Apparently, this kind of sport needs a great deal of strength, athletic ability, intelligence and drive; and therefore needs a lot of training. Barrel racing and horsemanship to be…

National Cranberry Cooperative

As one of the largest cooperatives for cranberry growers in North America, the National Cranberry Cooperative (NCC) encompasses operations in five states as well as two locations in Canada. Last year, sales from the United States alone reached upwards of $138 million, making 1995 NCC’s most productive season to date. The development and increased use of cranberry bogs in particular—commonly known as “wet harvesting” as opposed to the more traditional practice of “dry harvesting” by hand­—has brought higher yields to the NCC while creating new challenges for its receiving plants to keep pace. One such site, Receiving Plant No. 1 (RP1), experienced unprecedented levels of overtime costs during the 1995 season due to delivery backups at the plant’s loading docks….