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Baroque Period Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Geological catastrophes that have affected the world today

Thesis: Comparing the flood chapter found in the ancient book of Gilgamesh, the biblical book of Genesis and the contemporary Hurricane Katrina, all accounts presented the flood as the major geological cataclysm but showed various differences with reference to the period of occurrence. The Epic of Gilgamesh has been of interest to all with its account of a universal flood with significant parallels to the Flood of Noah’s day (Keller, 32). The obvious relationship of the ancient epic and the biblical chapter can be noticed which can also be compared to the 2005 incident Hurricane Katrina wherein science and technology has already intervened humankind. The stories from Genesis and Gilgamesh have the same basic storyline but as one can see,…

Baroque Period

During the reign of King James I of Great Britain, the Puritans continued to grow.  Some Puritans were unhappy with James’s religious practices and fled first to Holland, and then to the Americas.  While religious conformity continued to be the desired agenda, the Protestants were granted freedom of worship by Parliament, but the Roman Catholics were not granted the same. The Roundheads and Cavaliers were enemies.  Roundheads were members of the Parliamentarian party during the English Civil War.  The Cavaliers were Royalists.  The main difference between the two groups was that the Roundheads had their hair cut short, while the Cavaliers kept their hair long.  The Cavaliers kept their hair long because the king found it more convenient to let…