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Barcode Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Sms Based Barcode Attendance Monitoring System

Money is not a thing that you could find anywhere when you need it. It is about hard work to have money. Parents were the ones who work hard to be able to send their children into different respective or even prestige schools, from elementary, high school and college to be particular. They would take the risk of investing their money just to assure the quality education of their children. But what if there is not a problem with the school? What if the student itself has a problem? Attendance in school is a must; fifty percent of a student’s grades were usually based on their class participation and if the students are absent, they will miss a lot of…

Project Proposal for Library System with Barcode Technology

1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Problem STI is the second largest IT-based educational institution in Asia and has branches all over the Philippines. It has a branch in Malolos and is located at McArthur Highway Veritas compound, Dakila, Malolos City, Bulacan. There are more than two hundred students and around sixteen (16) personnel including part-time and full-time faculty members. All students and faculty members are allowed to borrow books. The STI College Malolos Library has only one Librarian. There are 5,586 books with a wide array of topics/subjects. It houses two computer units as extension to research for users whose needs are not supplied within the location. As for the school librarian, the librarian has difficulties in computing charges…