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Barangay Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Ang Kwento ni Mabuti

That not much happens in “Ang Kwento ni Mabuti,” is precisely its power. And while its premise is poverty as crisis and its context is the distance and removal that the poorer among us live with, not once did the film seem like poverty porn. Neither was it full of itself. It would of course be easy to hate this film for not doing more, not being more, when it could’ve been less restrained. Yet, there is the fact that it didn’t need to be more than what it was, because what this movie has to drive this story is what most other films don’t have. That is of course Nora Aunor. The noise of calm There isn’t much to…

Performance of punong barangay

 Barangay is the 1“simplest unit of Local Government Unit. They handle a small community like purok or sitios. All places in the Philippines consist of this small LGU unit and barangay officials.” 2“When the Spaniards began their 1951 Philippine adventure; there was no central Philippine government. But Filipinos then already have a system of government for they lived in groups of about a hundred to a thousand people in villages that could support themselves and their beasts of burden which called barangay. The term barangay was derived from the word “balangay” meaning boat. Barangay was led by an elder, warriors and a chieftain sometimes called Datu, Hari, or Rajah, Lakan or Sultan (in Muslim community) or any name which connotes…