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Banning Pit Bulls is Wrong Essay

Within all of the controversy about the pit bull breed and whether or not they should be banned, I have formed my own educated opinion; Pit bulls should not be banned. Why should we punish the dogs for the way they are being raised and trained? A dog will do anything to be that loyal companion, to do right by his owner and more importantly to be loved by his owner. If a dog’s owner shows him love only when he is being aggressive and/or fighting, the dog is going to think what he is doing is right. A dog, like a child, needs to be taught right from wrong. If the dog owners don’t teach them that fighting and aggressive behavior is wrong, they will never learn.

* Pit bull attacks happen because people are irresponsible and ignorant. * Locking a 12-year old (California case) in a basement with dogs that showed aggression towards the child then leaving to go shopping is not responsible and the lady should be jailed for her actions. The result was her son died. * Enforcing the current laws would be a great start for our society. Unfortunately, they don’t enforce them and when they do they usually avoid people who are the real problem. * Until pit bull owners and the general public start working together to draft laws that address the core problem (irresponsible owners) we will continue to see unstable, untrained, unfixed, dogs attack and kill.

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