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Banks of India Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Customer Satisfaction

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Private banking is a concept which is new and fast emerging in the world of banking where changes have become a necessity in order for banks to survive in this competitive environment vis-à-vis not only from the public and private sector banks but also from the foreign banks. The objective of the research is to explore the various products, which a private banker deals into and the systematic process involved to match client requirements with the right kind of product. Through this research one of the main objectives is to explore the reason why most of the banks are injecting private banking as business profile to their set of service offerings. Though private banking evolved in late 80’s…

Corporate Salary Package

Executive Summary In the growing global competition, the productivity of any business concern depends upon the behavioral aspect of consumers. This topic deals with the customer’s perception towards salary package from SBI. This project report contains 5 different chapters. The report begins with the introduction to company, its area of operation, its organization structure, its achievements, etc. The second chapter is the introduction to the Salary Package which gives a brief idea regarding Salary packages of SBI and other banks. In this chapter I have compared five top banks of India with SBI with respect to the salary package. The names of the banks are ICICI BANK, HDFC BANK, Punjab National Bank, AXIS BANK and Kotak Mahindra Bank. The third chapter,…