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Bangladesh newspaper Essay

Bangla newspaper has a great importance from freedom war 1971 to present. Bangladeshi general peoples were being informed about the political, social and economical status and activities from Bangla newspaper during under Pakistani government. This is also major evidence of political activities in the past and present. The daily Prothom Alo and the daily Ittefaq is the leading newspaper in Bangladesh. A lot of national and non-government advertisements are published these two newspapers. Bangladeshi printing media is very strong in the world because a huge number of Bangla newspapers are published daily nationally and locally in this country of land area of 1lac 44 thousand square kilometer. In spite of introduction of new media like Bangla satellite channels, FM and local radios and online news, Bangla newspaper is still very popular in our country because old peoples and house wife prefer newspaper to TV, radio or online news.

Another advantage of newspaper is that it can be read any time of the day. Special interest to particular section like sports, political, fashion and style, international news, business or editorial may vary from man to man but most of peoples like political and leading news section. Leading news, columnist articles and editorial are most favorite section in Bangla newspaper. Online Bangla newspaper is becoming more popular day by day for those people working in office or business because update news are getting instantly and they have not enough time to read newspaper separately in home or office.

Above all the imortance of Bangla newspaper can not explained shortly. It opens the door of knowledge and present situation by delivering important massage constantly.

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