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Balkans Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Hamidian Era

“Analyse the Hamidian era from the perspective of either the Balkan or the Anatolian or the Arab provinces, discussing the different ways in which that region was treated by the Ottoman government, and the different ways that region responded”. The Balkan region of the Ottoman Empire had always been a crucial part of it vast domains. The Balkan states can be credited with shortening the lifespan of a troubled empire. More specifically, Albania it can be argued contributed a great deal in bringing about the eventual demise of the Empire. The late British MP Audrey Hebert succinctly stated that, “In the end, like Samson in the Temple of Gaza, they pulled down the columns of the Ottoman Empire upon their…

Discuss the importance of two of the following in European diplomacy between 1870 and 1914

The years between 1870 and 1914 were very important when it came to European diplomacy. During these years, tensions built up and due to the formation of alliances, beginning with the Three Emperors’ League, two allied blocs were formed, defining the ally system before the world war. In addition, there was a substantial change in the balance of power within Europe with the decline of the Ottoman Empire and its eventual fall in 1909 and the colonial and military desires of nations such as Germany. Both of these elements of European Diplomacy were important, as both aspects resulted in a buildup of tension before the eventual breakout of the First World War. Alliance system: -Germany was the primary power that…