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Bahria University Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Training and Development of Employees

Bahria University Karachi Campus Human Resource Development (HRD) Questionnaire Respondent’s Name: ________ ___________________ Organization: __________________________Division/Department: ___________________ Position/Designation: ____________________ Date: ______________________ Instructions a) Please fill out the questionnaire and kindly check ( the appropriate box where it deemed necessary b) In advance we are highly indebted for your full cooperation and professional support in filling out this questionnaire Q.1 Could you please cost some light, on the profile of both the Parent and Subsidiary Company? [pic][pic] Q.2 In HRD it is important to carry out, Strategic / Organization analysis in this context Could you please tell us in the analysis that how do you identify the following? a. Organization’s goals b. Organization’s resources c. Organization’s climate d. Environmental constraints Please elaborate….