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Badminton Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Badminton Report

June 8th 2013Saturday As far as I know about badminton is only hit the ball to the opposite direction without letting the ball hit the net. Today, I invited 3 of my friends to my hostel to lecture me for 1 hour to learn more about badminton, they are willing to teach me all their experience in badminton tournament, the rule and regulations and the necessary stretching. Firstly, I learn how to warm up my body, stretching muscles of my neck, legs, arm, and body. After that, I learn the rules of the game, the left position of the service court represent the server’s score is odd number, the right side means the server’s score is even number, every game…

Badminton Critique

Badminton has been known as a backyard sport for centuries. Started around the 5th century as a series of related games in Asia, Badminton has grown to become a worldwide game. Though we cannot compare its popularity to games such as Tennis, it’s a growing sport in the international scene. A publication in Slate. com dated August 01, 2012, shows how some players can bend rules to their own advantage; a direct insult to the ethics of the game. This article talks about the ethics of sportsmanship. It illustrates how eight female Badminton players from South Korea, Indonesia, and China deliberately decided to lose on their first double matches in order to stand a chance of meeting a weak opponent…