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Bachelor of Science in Nursing Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Bsn vs Associate Degree in Nursing

Nursing is a knowledge based discipline, which focuses on the wholeness of human being. (Faucett, 1933. ) As per definition nurses are playing great role in modern medicine, either with an associate degree or as bachelor of nursing degree. Both, with the same licensure, the Registered Nurse. Nurse. The Associate dDegree nNurse(ADN) takes a shorter path of two years where the BSN takes longer one with 4 years of education to complete the degree. When we compare the data collected by various groups of nursing professionals, it is evident that the mortality rate, medication errors and patient outcomes are largely improved with high number of BSN onboard. The ADNAssociate degree nurse program was introduced to minimize the nursing shortage during…

Why a BSN is the future over ADN

Associate -Degree Versus the Baccalaureate – degree level in nursing My theory is that the more education a nurse has the better he/she can be at their job of taking care of patient as a whole and on a complex level. To obtain a Nursing Degree one can start at the LVN or go all the way to a PHD in nursing. This paper will focus on the abilities or competencies of a prepared Associate Degree nurse, and the abilities or competencies of a Baccalaureate Degree Nurse. This is a hot topic now and has been for many years. I have been hearing for many years that ADN will be phased out, and only BSN will be used in the…