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Aztecs Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Comparison Between Aztecs and Mongolians

There were many differences between the Aztec and the Mongolian in culture, religion, what type of people they were, there technology and there social structure. They were two diverse cultures and also there lifestyle and the way of living and how they both interacted with each other. They Aztec culture were a non-nomadic society which meant that they settled in on place. Their religion was mainly focused on the sun. They worshiped they sun god because it was produced all of their food and very night they had a sacrifices because they thought it was needed to so they sun would come out the next day. Eclipse were said to be very important omens because they thought that they had…

The Aztecs simplistic crop-enhancing

The main supply for food for the Aztecs were agriculture and farming. They rely mainly on the crops for every season; they grow, produce and consume food and this is how they get their daily food. Terracing Indicating the societal complexity of the Aztecs, the farming technique known as terracing is complicated and elaborate. They used terracing in the hilly areas and built walls, forming terraces into the sides of the hills. These stone walls ran parallel to the contour of the slope and rainfall washed compost vegetation and nutrients from the hills above. Terracing opened up previously unusable land for farming. Irrigation Because the Aztecs built extensive canal and water-diverting systems, irrigation farming became popular and productive. With water…