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Aviation history Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Bassant festival

Basant Basant is a big festival of Pakistan it is also known as a Jashn-e- Baharan. It is celebrated in February of each year. The kite lover’s like to fly kites day and night. Parties are designed to celebrate it. People planned different type of the get together to meet each other. Sky is full with colorful kites of different shapes and sizes day and night. Many people organized the different competition in city especially Androon Lahore. These competitions are extremely serious and the victories depend on the quality of “Dorr” (special thread use to fly the kites). This festival gained the attention more and more over the years from all over the world. Many visitors come to Lahore to…

Lessons from Kite Flying

A kite is a tethered Aircraft. Kite flying is one of the most popular sports and festival in India. According to the Greek literature, kite-flying dates back to as old as 14th century and later came to India and other Asian countries. Kite Festival in India is popular the worldwide and celebrated with great fun and excitement. We have been enjoying the festival of kites since childhood but we have never thought of lessons which kite flying can teach us especially business and management lessons. Following are some lessons which can be learnt from kite flying:- Kite flying is not an easy task. For a beginner, even after 10 tries, there still are possibilities that he may not be able…

Aviation history definition

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