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Averroes Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Personal Computer and St. Thomas Aquinas

What are the possible effects of gadgets in the academic of the students of St. Thomas Aquinas? Is it positive or is it negative? Both sides are possible. It can be positive in the view of the students but negative on the view of the teachers. Either way, the researchers wants to view all side of the story, both positive and negative. The researchers also want to inform the readers that gadgets, brought by the advancement of technology can help and destroy their academic performance. II. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The researchers found out that there are several problems regarding their topic. A very obvious problem is that gadgets often distract the attention of the students. The researchers want to…

Muslim Scholars’ Contributions

Contributions of Islamic scholars to the scientific enterprise Yasmeen Mahnaz Faruqi Flinders University, School of Education [email protected] This paper presents a discussion regarding the role that Muslim scholars played in the development of scientific thinking in the Middle Ages. It argues that the Muslims were not just the preservers of the ancient and Greek knowledge, but that they contributed original works to the different fields of science. They were inspired by the Islamic view of nature that is, mankind had a duty to ‘study nature in order to discover God and to use nature for the benefit of mankind’. This knowledge was transferred to Western Europe and subsequently played an important role in revitalising a climate of learning and exploration…