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Automobiles Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Impact of the invention of Automobiles

The invention of automobile has been one of the most significant factors that have contributed towards the transformation of the world. Before the invention of automobile it was very difficult and time consuming to travel from one place to another. Man has become the master of his own time due to the automobile. Now he can plan his own schedules and manage his time more efficiently and constructively. Automobile gave a boost to the world economy. Petroleum was a product that was in abundance but was largely unused. With the invention of automobile it started getting used and also boosted the living standards of the people of the countries in which it is available the most for e.g. the Middle…

Used Car vs. New Car

Some people are fortunate enough for their first car to be a brand new car, no matter what make and model it is. Most likely, your first car is a used one. It may be a 99’ Corolla to a 06’ Altima, both with 100,000 mile on them, but they all serve the same purpose, to get you places. Used and new cars may be different, and some may be the same. Both cars have a stereo system with FM radio, seats, and space, but it’s the detail that makes things different. Used cars may only have a cassette player, which no one has now, while new cars have an auxiliary and USB port, and GPS. You might like a…

PEST Analysis of Proton

1.0 Introduction: PEST is a study which is apprehensive by describing the exterior of ecological manipulates on a company. The abbreviation locates for the Political, Economic, Social and Technological matters with the intention of may perhaps influence the tactical growth of a company (ESCAP 2009). Here I choose a business organization which is PROTON to classify PEST which manipulates a helpful technique of abbreviation the exterior surroundings in which this business functions. Nevertheless, it has to exist trailed up through thoughtfulness of how this company ought to react towards these pressures. The purpose of this document is towards the center of attention on the matter of proton within conditions of confronting dissimilar quandaries within the Malaysia as well as worldwide…