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Australia Day Lesson Plan Essay

* Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony, Taronga Zoo (Duration: 2.34) Lesson outcome: Students learn about the significance of Australia Day for people who have immigrated to Australia. Lesson outline:

1. Introduce lesson by conducting a brief discussion about what students know about Australia Day. 2. Explain the terms ‘immigration’ and ‘immigrant’ and explain that for people who have not always lived in Australia, Australia Day may have special significance. 3. Students view Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony, Taronga Zoo. 4. Answer any initial questions which students have about the video clip. Explain what is meant by the term ‘symbol’. Explain that in the video clip there were a number of symbols which are associated with Australia and being Australian.

5. Students re-watch Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony, Taronga Zoo, with a focus on identifying symbols which they believe represent Australia. 6. Facilitate discussion about the symbols present in the video clip. These include the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Harbour, koala toys, native plants and the Australian Coat of Arms on the certificates. 7. Facilitate discussion about what living in Australia means to the students and whether they identify with the symbols and ideas communicated in the video clip.

8. In pairs, students then create a values shield. This activity involves students creating a poster of a shield which represents the values they associate with living in Australia.(This is adapted from Activity 3 from the Discovering Democracy Units website). 9. Volunteer student pairs share their values shield with the rest of the class.

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