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Austin V. Berryman United States Supreme Court of Appeal Essay

Citation: Austin V. Berryman United States Supreme Court of Appeal, Fourth Circuit, 1989. Facts: Barbra Austin is challenging the Virginia Employment Commission for unemployment compensation benefits, which she chose to quit her job out of religious beliefs to fallow her spouse. Issue: She is claimed to be denied of her unemployment compensation benefits because she quilted due to her religious belief and distance from her new home to her workplace. Decision: The decision was that Austin was denied of her unemployment compensation benefits not because of her religion or how far she lived from her workplace. Reason: Austin’s religious belief does not require her to be kept her away from work but what really is the matter is that the distances from home to work. In the state of Virginia, its laws stated that moving 150 miles away from work does not prove that she cannot work at that distance but she quitted with that reason.

Questions on the Case Analysis
1. The plaintiff was Barbra Austin and the defendant was the Virginia Employment Commission. 2. Mainly because Austin home was too far away from her work place but she also stated that it was her religious beliefs to move with her spouses if they move. 3. She was refused of her unemployment benefits because this was nothing to do with her religion but rather her issue with the traveling distance from home to work, which can be solved easily. 4. No, since this has no known issue that deals with religion, the state did not violate her rights. 5. The court’s conclusion was that it was her responsibility to manage the possible way to get to her workplace to from home regardless how far in the state of Virginia.

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