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Atomic Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

People of the world have always faced both types of disasters, natural as well as man-made. Man-made disasters were not prevalent in ancient times. Man-made disasters are the results of industrial and material progress. Natural and man-made disasters equally play havoc on human in modern times. Sometimes, a man-made disaster has bigger impact than natural disaster. The cause of natural disaster is natural with man-made disaster is caused by man himself. Man-made disasters include leakage of oil in the sea, nuclear explosion, leakage of poisonous gases and chemical, fire, floods created by dams etc. Man-made disasters are avoidable. They may be averted if man works efficiently and carefully. On the other hand we have no control over a natural disaster….

Atomic Energy: Good and Bad

The use of nuclear energy is controversial because it can be used to wreak havoc upon mankind. Fission, or the splitting of atoms, can be used to release extreme heat and radiation. During World War II, the United States decided that this would be a powerful weapon, so they dropped two fission bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan to end the war. Many buildings were desotryed and thousands of innocent civilians were killed. After that, the world viewed nuclear bombs as dangerous new weapons that could devestate entire cities. Also, the radiation released from nuclear fission is harmful to living organisms. In 1986, a steam buildup in a nuclear reactor in Chornobyl, Ukraine caused an explosion that released tons of…

Trends in First ionization energy of group 1 and period 4 elements

Trends in Ionization energy of Group 1 elements and Their Analysis 1) As we move down Group 1 (Elements are H, Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Fr) the general trend in first ionization energies is that they decrease as we move down the group from H to Cs. Francium is an exception. 2) As we move down Group 1, Ionization energies decrease because a) Distance between the Nucleus and the valence electrons increases with every new period; a new electron shell is added. This increases the atomic size which makes the valence electrons more further from the nucleus. This decreases the attraction between the nucleus and the valence electrons. b) Since there are more filled inner shells now, these provide…

ATomic Review Sheet

3 The atomic mass of an element is the weighted average of the masses of (1) its two most abundant isotopes(3) all of its naturally occurring isotopes (2) its two least abundant isotopes(4) all of its radioactive isotopes 4 Which statement is true about the charges assigned to an electron and a proton? (1) Both an electron and a proton are positive. (2) An electron is positive and a proton is negative. (3) An electron is negative and a proton is positive. (4) Both an electron and a proton are negative. 5 Which statement best explains why most atomic masses on the Periodic Table are decimal numbers? (1) Atomic masses are determined relative to an H–1 standard. (2) Atomic masses…