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Athletic shoe Essay Topics & Paper Examples

New Balance Case study

Good Management structure e. g. Van Rooyen the general manager Wide range of products across every sporting category Functional technological design in terms of fit. Foot widths have been incorporated in the design of the shoe. This distinguishes/ differentiates New Balance product from its competitors. Brand has been kept affordable in terms of price Inspired well-taken care of employees who are performance driven because of the culture of the company Is established in many countries and has quite a big global footprint Good relationship with retailers. They have been accommodated and close bonds have been formed with them. Good marketing techniques, focussing on strategies that the major competition have neglected OPPORTUNITIES (in order of the most lucrative) Nowadays people wear…

Nike – Market Segmentation

Nike has been around for quite a while now actually dating all the way back to 1964 when it was one known ass “Blue Ribbon Sports”. Nike’s initial target market started out as a side gig for Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman as they went around college to college selling running shoes to local track runners with their unique waffle iron design which was initially done by Bill Bowerman which he used to make with his wife’s waffle iron. In time Nike sprung in to a much more bigger developing shoes for all sorts of sports from baseball to tennis, basketball, soccer, and even golf. Nike understood they had to tackle all sports to be the dominant brand in athletic…

Bata Shoes Organization

BRIEF HISTORY OF THE COMPANY The business that became the Bata Shoe Organization was established on August 24, 1894 in Zlin, Czechoslovakia by Tomas Bata, and included his brother Antonin and sister Anna. Although this business was new, the Bata name had been part of a tradition of shoemaking for eight generations, spanning three hundred years. It was one of the first modern day shoe ‘manufacturers’ , a team of snitchers and shoemakers creating footwear not just for the local town , but also for the distant retail merchants. This departure from the centuries old tradition of the one man cobbler’s workshop was a brand new concept, creating an entirely new industry. The Bata enterprise revolutionized the treatment of employees and…