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Atheroma Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Abstract On October 1, 2014, a 56 year old man, Mr. Brown, came in for his follow-up appointment to talk about his cholesterol panel. Mr. Brown’s cholesterol levels are not within healthy standards and he needs to change his life style before his health diminishes. Mr. Brown likes to eat and hates to exercise. I am going to show him his cholesterol levels so that he can see what he is doing to his body. If he does not get his cholesterol levels where they need to be his arteries might get so clogged up that he could have a heart attack or stroke. He needs to do some preventive medicine on his own with a little help from me…

Cholesterol: A Patient Conversation

Hello Mr. Brown, My name is Jane and I am your PA today otherwise known as a Physician’s Assistant. The doctor had ordered some test for you and I am going to go over your results and explain to you what each of them mean. If you have any questions please feel free to stop me at any time. First we will start off with your Triglyceride level and it was 145 mg/dl. Your Triglycerides is fat in the blood and they are used to provide energy to your body and they are the main form of fat in your body (WebMD, 2014). Your levels are considered desirable meaning they are not very high, however we would like to see…

Maternal Care and Newborn Care

Theoretical Framework Dorothea Orem Theory – Self Care Deficit Theory Every mature person has the ability to meet self care needs, but when a person experiences the inability to do so due to limitations , thus exist a self care deficit. A person benefits from nursing interventions when a health situations inhibits their ability to perform self care or creates a situation where their abilities are not sufficient to maintain own health and wellness. Nursing action focuses on identification of limitations / deficit and implementing appropriate interventions to meet the needs of person. Each person has a need for self care in order to maintain optimal health and wellness. Each person possesses the abilty and responsibility to care for themselves…