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ATA Airlines Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Southwest Airline

Southwest in Baltimore case questions: Issue at Hand: Baltimore is one of the eight mega stations for Southwest Airlines. The airline plans to expand operations there, rapidly. But the operational performance at Baltimore station is lagging behind the system-wide average of the airline. The challenge is to overcome this impediment so that the station can accommodate additional growth as planned. 1. How does Southwest airlines (SWA) compete? What are its advantages to other airlines? Southwest Airlines is a marketing driven company. It views cars and busses as its main competition. They use less congestive airports that provide easy access to metropolitan areas. A focus on hiring and controls is implemented. Only one operating platform, the Boeing 737, is used. Costs…

Mystic Monk Coffee Case

1. Does Mystic Monk Coffee have a competitive advantage? If so, what is it and is it sustainable? Throughout what Mystic Monk Coffee has done, I believe it has the ability to build a competitive advantage. According to the case, the Mystic Monk Coffee was produced by using the high quality fair trade Arabica and fair trade/organic Arabica beans with variety of blends and flavors. They also produce T-shirts, gift cards, CDs featuring the monastery’s Gregorian chants, and coffee mugs that give different choices for the consumers. Mystic Monk Coffee might create less sustainable compare with other competitors in the industry due to the quality of the coffee. However, Mystic Monk Coffee’s target market was on 69 million members of…