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At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support Essay

There has been a long debate about whether sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries. Some people claim that classes and libraries are more crucial and deserve more financial support because hiring qualified teaching staff and updating research sources in libraries needs a lot of money. Others hold the opposite opinion.

Nevertheless, the purpose of school education is not only providing opportunities to acquire knowledge but also cultivating different kind of skills and interests which may also play an important role in students’ later life. Therefore, personally I support that social activities and sports are as crucial as classes and libraries which should get equal support from school for the following reasons.

To begin with, attending the sport and social activities provide students more chances to have a rest after a long time of study which may help them combine exertion and adequate rest. In my school, there are enough sports fields and basketball courts for students taking a lot of exercise such as playing football, basketball, tennis and running.

In addition, we also have a large swimming pool which allows students to practice swimming skills and prepare for national swimming competition. After studying for a long period of time in class or in the library, we would also go there to have a rest which may makes us feel relaxed and refreshed. There is no doubt that doing sports could benefit our physical health. What’s more, scientific researches also prove that sports can also enhance the efficiency of our study. One research done by the National Health Institute, says that people who do sports or exercise at least 30 minutes a day tend to work more efficiently and make less mistakes.

Moreover, participating sports and social activities can promote the development of different skills, such as communication skills, arrangement skills and the spirit of teamwork. When playing basketball, team members have to work together to fight against the adversaries and they need to share both happiness of victories and sorrows of failure.

Or when two members have different opinion, it is necessary for them to discuss and reach to an agreement which may serve the whole team’s purpose best. This is perhaps one of the perfect ways to arouse the awareness of teamwork. Besides, when taking in social activities, it is inevitable that they will meet different kinds of problems which require them to try their best to resolve through efficient communication with others. In this way, they will realize the importance of connecting with others which will bring a lot of benefit when they face the real world.

Finally, as our society is in need of all-round development talents, colleges and universities are supposed to cultivate their students who are adaptable to the development of the society. The support of the sports and social activities provides students many opportunities to apply what they have learnt into practice and then have a better command of knowledge. For example, an education major student can make use of the home school visiting activity to observe how the classes are taught and how educational policies are implemented in schools. On this condition, students may develop an all-round way.

All in all, it is necessary to pay equal attention to classes and libraries as well as sports and social activities. It is not only beneficial to students’ physical and psychological health but also to their future development as well.

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