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Astromnomy Lab Questions Essay

1. Why do some scientists believe that there might have been life on Mars? Some scientists believe there was life on Mars due to a number of factors. For one we know there was at one point a substantial amount of liquid water when the planet was much younger. We also know Mars’s electromagnetic field has dampened, making it more susceptible to interstellar heat and radiation, thus eliminating the life that could have existed. There are also other several factors including volcanic activity and evidence of salt oceans.

2. Why are scientists interested in whether water was or is on Mars? What do their tests and observations suggest about the possibility of water on Mars? Scientists are interested in whether water was or is on mars because this is the most direct clue to the signature of life. Scientist’s tests indicate most if not all water is frozen on Mars, but it was not in the distant past during which life could have existed. 3. Why do some scientists believe that life may not have ever existed on Mars? Some scientists believe this because they say it is too far on back in the goldilocks zone. Others note the mineral composition and lack of a strong atmosphere containing proper gas elements. 4. What may have happened to the water on Mars?

The atmosphere may have been blown away over time due to the damping of its magnetic fields and thus creating frigid surface conditions freezing all liquid water. 5. What do scientists believe may have happened to leave Mars vulnerable to the solar winds? Scientists hypothesize that the degradation of Mars’s inter core which produces its electromagnetic field that protects the planet from interstellar winds and storms. 6. Do you think life existed or exists on Mars? Why or why not? Use information from the video and unit to provide support for your reasoning.

Mars Up Close <- your second lab link

1. Why did the scientists choose this particular location for the Spirit rover? Spirit & Opportunity could’ve landed almost anywhere. From orbital photos, there had been an initial list of 134 landing sites, each of which were debated on the pros and cons of landing there. Spirit was targeted to a landing site that appeared to have been affected by flowing water at some point in the Martian past.

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