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Assumptions Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Cultural Assumptions and assessment for understanding of Burns’ Perspective

The speaker was addressing a native Indians, most likely her mother. The speaker was trying to trace her culture and trying to differentiate it from her physical and characteristic behavior. In this address the speaker is trying to deny her native identity as American Indian and specifying that it is Native American. It appears the mother was American but the father was Indian. (Burn 741) The poem has the humor in the of living in identity denial yet when the speaker seem to be very much aware of the culture of her identity such as archery practice, stoic face and not drinking a lot. This forms the first theme of this poem of cultural identity denial even though there are…

Analysis of Assumptions

Marta Russell, writer for Z Magazine, outlines the invisibility of the disability issue in the academic and activist debate in discrimination as a whole. Russell extensively uses secondary sources to make her article more grounded in theory and previous academic work. In this way, the slant of bias is not apparent, as she does not write this as an opinion piece and seeks to inform her audience for two reasons. Russell, is calling for social justice of the disabled and, also, is contributing to the body of work already compiled on this issue. In her call for action, she does use loaded language to engage readers, her choice for a title, alludes to this before a reader can even begin…

Biases and assumptions

In his article, he said that computer is this one example of technology which has hurt the youth by making reading and writing skills worse. The graphics in a web page, can make an ordinary book seem tiresome to read. He also mentioned that the writing skills of many young people have gotten worse because of the trend of using shortened words, emoticons, and improper punctuation which these young people are using when they chat online. This has affected the young people as students because they become very familiar with the “language” that they use it even in school. The author was able to present evidences to support all his assumptions. His points on how computers may hurt us are…