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Associate Level Material Essay

|Legacy systems |A legacy system describes the IT system that is currently in place. This means that | | |any hardware of software that was previously in place up until now if a legacy system.| |Mainframe computers |The main frame is the central hub of almost all companies storage and processing. | |Microprocessors |This is describes as a “computer on a chip” It rivaled the mainframe all though it was| | |much less powerful. Microprocessors paved the way for standalone computers. | |PCs |This stands for Personal Computer which means that it is a stand-alone computer that | | |has it’s own power supply and processor. | |Network computers |Network computers means a series (more than one) of computers that can communicate to | | |each other by sending and receiving information across different types of networks | | |whether it is a L.A.N or even a M.A.N | |World Wide Web and Internet |The internet is made of millions of servers, main frames, PCs, switches and routers to| | |keep the communication moving along from device to device. The world wide web is made | | |up of similar items but also includes websites hosted on servers. | |Wired and wireless broadband technology |Wired Broadband is when you have your computer hardwired to an Ethernet port via a | | |CAT5 cable. Wireless Broadband uses an aircard and can connect to HotSpots, Routers | | |and Access Points to reach the web through radio frequencies. | |PC software |An example of PC Software is Windows, Adobe, certain games that require a download. | |Networking software |Networking software is used to help connect, or network different companies or people | | |together. Oracle is the 2nd largest software maker and holds the industry standard. | |Computer security software |With networking and the WWW becoming what it is today, it is a helpful tool. However, | | |since everything is networked together by computers, that means that people can get | | |into your network and/or computer and steal valueable information. To help solve this,| | |things like firewalls were created. |

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