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Aspiring to Work at a Hospital Essay

From childhood, people dream and wish about whom and where they want to be when they grow up. Now that I’m attaining my associates in health information technology, those dreams are closer than ever before. Once you are this close, the next question is, “What kind of workplace would I like to find myself in after graduation?” My definite choice would be in a hospital. Since there are several positions available with this degree, there are two aspects that influenced my decision on selecting this workplace. The two aspects are benefits and potential for growth.

In today’s day and time many people make career decisions based on the benefits that they can receive from a specific job. Since I’m a mother, my main concern is obtaining a good health insurance for my family. My second benefit need is a decent salary. I believe a decent salary is not below 20k a year as a beginning salary. My final need as a benefit is a good retirement plan. I believe the best way of securing a financially safe future is by starting today.

After I ensure that all the benefits I request are dealt with, the next aspect that I will look for is the potential of growth within a company. I believe that growth in a career not only helps the company grow but also helps the employee grow. As time changes so does a person, therefore, in order to keep an employee interested and satisfied, changing or increasing the employees needed by the company is essential.

To conclude, the two aspects that helped me determine the hospital as the workplace I see myself in after graduation are benefits and potential of growth. Even though people use different reasons for job selection, I’m sure that mine are justifiable.

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