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Aseptic Techniques Essay

Aseptic techniques is preparing and handing sterile products in a manner that prevent microbial contamination. The aseptic techniques that is used to ensure preparation of sterile products are; Medical Asepsis which is to remove pathogens and reduce transfer of microorganisms by cleaning all body parts or surface that has been exposed to them it will benefits the patient and the healthcare worker.

Medical Asepsis includes hand hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing, disinfection. Surgical Asepsis the destruction of all microorganisms along with pathogenic and nonpathogenic, or any object, instrument, the surgical asepsis would be to prevent any microorganisms from entering the person body through an open wound, more so during surgery time. Surgical asepsis is only used when sterility of supplies abs medicate environments is required. Surgical asepsis includes sterilization, chemical sterilization.

The precautions that must be observed when preparing chemotherapy drugs are ensuring that the person preparing those products is properly and carefully trained in the use of aseptic technique. Taking caution of the environment where the product prepared a round. Also prepare the products by using aseptic technique to prevent contamination. You have to also be sure that the contents of preparation are chemically physically and the aphetically compatible making sure the product is stable over the time it is to be used, etc.

The Pharmacy Technician: A Comprehensive Approach, Second Edition, ch.22

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