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Asbestos Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Occupational Medicine

Asbestos is a mineral that is crystalline in nature and that has high degrees of durability, flexibility and resistance to corrosion by chemicals and heat. Asbestos is commonly used for making building materials for example floor tiles, ceilings, asbestos cement products, fireproofing material and insulation products, gaskets, coatings, textile products and automotive brakes. Shipbuilders use asbestos for insulation of hot water pipes, steam pipes and boilers. Globally, the incidence of disease related to asbestos is expected to peak around 30 to 40 years following the period when there was peak usage (CDC, 2003). Many of the patients who have lung disease related to asbestos have a history of exposure, often this history is strong but there are occasions when significant…

Introduction to Environmental Health and Risk Assessment

Asbestos is considered a Public health hazard. As such there have been a number of scientific measures adopted to manage this risk to environmental health and safety. In this discussion the author would advance that the best way to manage asbestos is by applying the asbestos code designed for that particular location. It is believed to be safe since it is a code which has been researched prior to its design and many of the major risk factors were considered. It follows distinct guides such as ‘elimination/removal (most preferred); isolation/enclosure/sealing; engineering controls; safe work practices (administrative controls); personal protective equipment (PPE) (Asbestos control measures, 2010). As it pertains to this project the risk management plan to be adopted is the…

Understanding Action Verbs

Introduction NEBOSH carefully describe the ‘action verbs’ which are used within their examination questions. The reason for this is that they tell the candidate sitting the examination the depth of answer that is required. Candidates are asked to remember that if the question asks them to state something and they then produce a lengthy explanation, they will probably get marks, but may well have wasted time and effort and may end up running out of time at the end of the examination period. Conversely, if candidates are asked to describe something and they give a list, they will most probably loose marks. If candidates do not give the depth of answer required, they makers will not be able to give…