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Arthur Wing Pinero Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Modern Elements in Pinero’s “The Second Mrs. Tanqueray”

The Modern Elements in Arthur Pinero’s “The Second Mrs. Tanqueray” As a modern writer, Arthur Pinero has presented a great amount of modern elements in his work. For instance, his tragedy “The Second Mrs. Tanqueray” has a marvelous collection of these elements. Stage direction, Defamiliarization, mystery, metatheatrical technique, Surrealism, impressionistic monologue, psycho patient concept, violating the unity of time, and cubism can all be found in this play, but one never knows the exact depth of words and the different worlds they hide. In fact, at the beginning of each act, a stage direction is found to guide the actors about where to stand and how to react. It, also, presents a description of their facial expressions and gestures ,…