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Arthur Schnitzler Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Arthur Schnitzler’s dream story

The focal point of this paper is to discuss and evaluate Arthur Schnitzler’s ‘Dream Story’ in the light of the inevitability of the conflict between desire and social responsibility. The source text is the translation of the original German work ‘Traumnovelle’ by author Arthur Schnitzler. The translation is done by J. M. Q. Davies. Arthur Schnitzler was an Austrian doctor by profession and was a noted author of his time (1862- 1931). His noted works includes Dying, Lieutenant Gustl, Berta Garlan, Blind Geronimo and his Brother, The Prophecy, Casanova’s Homecoming, The Road into the Open, The Green Cockatoo, The Lonely Way, Countess Mizzi and Living Hours. Dream Story was written in 1926 and is regarded as a novella by the…