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Armed Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Benefits of Enlisting in the Armed Forces

Introduction A scrutiny of the history of mankind, down the ages covering a period of 4000 years beginning from 3500BC till today indicates that in almost all the cases, the course of events have been dictated by the military prowess and the consequent superiority of one of the contenders. The fact continues to hold true even today, in this age of modernization when the emphasis is on economic power and political stability. The vital aspect of safeguarding these national interests is dependent upon one crucial factor: ‘Armed Forces’. A career in the Armed Forces may be considered to be one of the oldest professions in the history of mankind (the other being prostitution), and it may have an important role…

Women’s History

Women have fought for many years to gain rights and the ability to be treated as man’s equal. Women have earned the right to vote and work outside the home in jobs that were classically men’s work. Women earned the right to serve their country during wartime. However, women must work harder to prove that they are worthy of being treated as an equal. Women have made great advances in civil rights since 1865, but they still have a long way to go to be treated as man’s equal. 1865-1900 During this time period, women in the United States gained a little independence with the westward expansion. They had to learn to operate all machinery and to run their homestead…