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Are Friends More Important Then Family Essay

In our daily lives, we socialize with a lot of people, because we have been evolved to cooperate with our species in needs of survival against extreme weather and wild carnivores. generally, in our social life, we are personally closest to two groups of humans : families and friends. Families are the group of humans who shared genetic material with us such as: father,mother,brothers,sister,wife,and son.naturally, family is the most important group of humans to me,because of default characteristics of human genes. Too, because i have a lot of great moment with them.For instance, i remember a moment when we went to a beach and have a lot of fun with them.

Also, the one that i most remember, when we are struggling together in poor economic condition Friends are the group of humans outside of family and personally close to us .I have a lot of friends from when i was in junior highschool until now in university.But, from all of them i feel closest to my friends from senior high school.Because, like with my families, i have a lot of good moment with them too. For example, the one i would never forget, we always make a joke about our teacher in the class. Moreover, we also have fought together against students from another school. However, besides my love to my friends, my first priority is my family.For instance, if at the same time i have to choose between hangout together with my family and hangout with my friends, i will gladly choose to hangout with my family.

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