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Araby Essay

In each story being initiated, the writer must always give valuable importance to the point of view being utilized by the narrator in the story. This valuable importance is given because it provides a sufficient impact to the reader in terms of the information occurring in the story and the perceptions that occurs in each and every mind of the character. In the Araby (Irving, 2007), the author utilized a narrator with the first person point of view, who is also a character in the story. In this case, the readers are being limited to the narrator’s/character’s perspective alone.

The character acts and makes judgments in the story which shows biases and opinions to what is going in the story. With this type of narrator, the readers would be able to notice a wide range of information being shared from the character of the narrator itself.. The type of narration used in this story can be easily noticed for its usage of “I”. Having this type of point of view, the readers must be able to grasp the point of view being utilized in order to understand easily what is really happening in the story.

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