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Approximation Essay Topics & Paper Examples

History of Caura River

The Caura area was once an Arawak settlement and it lay in the valley along the Tacarigua river approximately five miles north of the eastern main road. When the British captured Trinidad in 1797, nineteen lots were marked along the river area. This represented a strip that began from the Caura Valley entrance and lead right up to the head waters of Tacarigua River. This distance covered became known as Caura River. The location and climate in the mountain area lead to the inhabitation of settlers who initiated the cocoa and coffee estates in the region. The valley was one of the healthiest localities in Trinidad. In 1943, the government and Sir Bade Clifford acquired all the land in and…

Size of things

Chemistry – Unit 1 – Worksheet 5 Size of Things For this worksheet, you will need to go to the site – to answer the following questions. Part 1 – Real World Click on the link to Real World; make sure that you are looking at the sheet of graph paper. Each of the tiny squares on the paper is 1 mm (10-3 m) on a side. Examine the objects whose approximate size is given (~ 100 mm means the object is approximately 100 millimeters wide). 1.Using the graph paper as a measuring tool, estimate the diameter of the following in mm: quarter golf ball ping pong ball 2.Use the ruler below the objects to estimate the diameter of…