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Approaches Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Quantitative approaches

Rubin and Rubin (2006) described qualitative research as the process of deriving detailed and encompassing description and explanation of a phenomenon by considering various perspectives of the phenomenon. This fits the intention of the investigation on UAE government export policies and export industry performance to derive data from the perspective of the government through official reports and papers, the perspective of the export sector by surveying managers of export companies, and third parties from books, journals and newspaper articles, and papers. Robson (2002) added that qualitative research also applies to studies focusing on various issues surrounding the phenomenon such as the determination of relationships, understanding of situations, interpretation or derivation of meaning from events, and implications of factors and occurrences….

Compare and Contrast of Different Cultural Approaches

People are different not only in gender, race, social and psychological characteristics but also in their cultural perspectives and prejudices. The culture normally consists of the myths, rituals, stories and language through which human meanings and values are transmitted from one generation to another. Culture includes groups that we are born into, such as gender, race, or national origin. It also includes groups we join or become part of, maybe by a change in our economic status, or otherwise. As people from different cultural groups start to work together, cultural values may sometimes conflict. We can misunderstand each other, and react in ways that can deter what are otherwise promising partnerships. When analyzing cultures of United States and Russia, we…

Christian Evaluation of Current Approaches

In the book “Reviewing Leadership: A Christian Evaluation of Current Approaches”, Banks, Robert and Bernice Ledbetter try to portray the process of leadership and discuss its theological aspects from Christian perspective. The authors actually consider different subjects and information related to different fields to draw a proper conclusion. Moreover throughout their book they also attempt to ensure that everything worth discussing has been discussed giving proper importance to all issues of the society. First of all the authors emphasize that the subject of leadership is a very important topic worth discussing and they explore this topic from different view points. The book comprises of six important chapters. The first chapter is about the growing interest in leadership in present days….