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Approach: Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Theoretical approach

The use of a theoretical approach to explain a phenomenon in the society is not uncommon. For this term paper the writer is required to use five theories to answer five moral questions given. One the theory is distributive justice. This theory has to do with justice in the allocation of goods in the society. It aims at reducing inequalities that occur unintentionally and it is guided by several factors. The amount of goods to be distributed, how they will be used and how they will be divided which in essence means it deals with ensuring the outcomes and the consequences of the allocation of goods in society are just. The other theory that will be applied in this term…

Exploring the Generational Differences using an Objective Positivistic Approach

Abstract There is a significant number of the population in the UK at the present time who are women of the Muslim faith who chose to wear headscarves or hijabs. There is however a relatively poor understanding of how the general non-Muslim public views this practice, even though there have been suggestions that people find it discomforting and consider it oppressive to women. This study used a quantitative, positivistic approach to collect and analyse data to determine whether there were generational differences in the attitude towards women wearing hijabs. The study collected data from 86 participants in the Roehampton area, who completed a questionnaire on attitudes and an F-scale test which gave information on their personality type. The study showed…

Project Approach: A Key for Better Learning

The Project approach type of learning presented by Sylvia Chard is an effective tool to use in the learning place. This approach allows students, especially the younger ones, to develop a wide range of learning and have a thorough understanding on different things which they encounter in their everyday lives. The said approach promotes the use of a specific topic which is most likely relevant to young children. Although there is a vast of topics in which the teacher can choose from, it is important to consider that the topic to be chosen should be of significant to the learners. Topics to be used must be link to other areas of study. In adapting the said approach, a teacher must…