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Appraisal Questionnaire Essay

1. Introduction Explain the purpose and structure. The performance appraisal is an opportunity to discuss on performance related issues, give clear feedback and reach a mutual agreement on objectives and what can be improved, finalising with a plan for further development.

• How do you think your performance was over the past six months – from December to May so I can a feedback from you and then have a discussion on that.

• What has gone well and what do you think was success for the period?

2. Measure on performance.

2.1. Areas of responsibilities/ Company business goals. • Do you understand the targets and how to achieve them and how they comply with the company business goals:

2.2. Confirm what successful issues were.

• Will you summarise what do you mark as your personal success in regard of your responsibilities?

2.3 Areas that need improvement/ Behind target

• Which are according to you the areas of performance that need improvement? • What factors have an impact on your performance?

• Do you think you may need any assistance and further couching? • Are you ready to meet new challenges?

2.4.Offer support • Is there anything you would like us to do in order to support you? • Do you think regular reviews (one to ones) will be beneficial to your work? • Can we offer you counselling or some other support?

3. Job satisfaction

• What gives you most satisfaction in work?

• Are there any ways we can improve your job satisfaction? (environment improvement, technical assistance, providing opportunity to develop in a specific area…)

• Are there any new areas you feel you want to improve?

4. Agree on an action plan

– Meeting to discuss on specific trainings – Counselling from line manager – Monthly reviews/one to ones to discuss results, difficulties, needs for further counselling. – New objectives

5. Positive finish. We’d like to encourage your personal performance and I will advise for a further personal development in a new direction. Analysing your strengths and implementing the agreed plan for improvement I believe you will achieve the targets placed. You can rely on my assistance and advice.

I will make sure you will have a copy of the documents and all the points we agreed on and the action plan for further development.

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