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Applied Health Assessment Essay

The patient is a 47 year old, well-nourished male. The head-to-toe assessment was insignificant for any abnormal findings. Mike is healthy, appears his age, and does not take medications on a daily basis. His vision is declining with age, but is easily corrected with prescription glasses. His weight has been consistent for the past several years. His BMI is appropriate for his height, and he tries to eat a balanced diet. Though, overall, he is healthy, Mike could benefit from regular exercise, eating more fruits and vegetables, and smoking cessation. I would like to review the Choose My Plate website (, n.d.) to review the dietary recommendations to include more vegetables and fruits with his meals. The Choose My Plate includes 1/2 of your plate to include meat and grains with the other half to be split between vegetables and fruits. Mike’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, and golfing. I will encourage Mike to become active at least 4 days a week to increase his cardiovascular activity. Golf is a good exercise that includes use of muscles and walking. If Mike foregoes renting the golf cart, walking 18 holes would be beneficial to him and enjoyable. Also, I would suggest that he picks up walking in his neighborhood at least three evenings a week for 30 minutes to stay fit.

Smoking is never a healthy habit. I would advise Mike to speak with his doctor about finding ways to help him stop smoking. There are many assistive devices available by prescription such as Chantix and Wellbutrin. Over-the-counter remedies that can work include nicotine patches. These patches are available in 14mg and 21mg strength based on the amount of cigarettes you smoke per day. Nicotine gum can be discretely used in public places and is also available without a prescription. Additionally, a fairly new method has evolved to help people quit smoking. The e-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes allow the person to continue the habit of holding something and inhaling vapors. The e-cigarettes do contain nicotine and can feed your cravings. I would advise him that these devices should only be used short term and not used to replace the habit. There are smoking cessation support groups available and information can be provided.


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