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Applications Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Operant Applications

Self actualization is at the pinnacle of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which examines the order by which human actions are geared towards. According to Maslow, in order to have the other needs, the basic needs have to be satisfied first . Only upon satisfying the physiological needs are the other needs considered. As such, the graduation in level suggests that self-actualization is the most difficult level to attain because of the preconditions that need to be satisfied in order to advance. According to Maslow, this is the most difficult to achieve due to its nature. It is not an absolute fact but is relative and therefore difficult to attain. The teachings of Maslow have shown that due to the relative…

Applications for Christian Counseling

In McMinn’s 1996 book Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling, the author goes into detail about the theoretical and technical applications and interventions involved in the practice of counseling from a Christian perspective. McMinn discusses bringing religion into the counseling office. He asserts that religion is always addressed in counseling, in a variety of ways. Religion is either presented as a negative force which should be removed from a client’s life, as a positive force in which God is a helpful support in the life of the client, or as a negative force in which religion takes on a shaming role. McMinn calls the reader’s attention to the psychological and spiritual health of the client as being interwoven. From…