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Application Letter Essay

I am writing to apply for the job of camp monitor at your residential summer camp advertised on your website. As requested I am enclosing my C.V. and all the certifications and references.

I am a language student at the Official Language School (EOI) of Gandia. I have a good level of English, both written and spoken, therefore I can speak English very fluently. I also speak Spanish as my first language and German at Basic level.

As you will see from my CV I have some relevant experience working with children as I have worked as a manager in a youth football team for two years, I also have worked teaching children how to swim, so I am used to work with them and prepare physical activities or games specially for them.

I believe I would be suitable for the job advertised as, apart from my experience, I am a cheerful person who gets on well with children and enjoys working with them, I am very good working in a team and not only I can teach them how to swim, play football, and other sports or games, I also know some useful survival skills I can teach in an entertaining way, so they can learn while having fun.

I attach a full CV, and if you require any further information, I would be happy to provide it. I can be reached anytime via email at [email protected]

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