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Appliances Essay Topics & Paper Examples

In-band or out-of-band SAN appliances

Out-of band SAN appliances allow for independent flow of data between servers and storages since it does not function within the data path (InfoWorld, 2001). In addition, execution of management functions by these appliances is independent of application servers, a factor which dictates for having host drives. This has the implication that the positioning of an out-band SAN appliance posses performance concerns in the system (InfoWorld, 2001). Another implication is that increase in the number of server in such a system complicates administration issues. Still, out-of band SAN appliances have its meta-data and control operations separate from the data path. This coupled with the need for having a driver at each host frees the host to engage only in transferring…

Dyson case study

The Dyson history It is impossible to separate the very British Dyson vacuum cleaner from its very British inventor. Together they are synonymous with innovation and legal battles against established rivals. James Dyson was born in Norfolk in 1947. He studied furniture design and interior design at the Royal College of Art from 1966 to 1970 and his first product, the Sea Truck, was launched while he was still studying. Dyson’s foray into developing vacuum cleaner technology happened by chance. In 1978, while renovating his 300-year-old country house, Dyson became frustrated with the poor performance of his conventional vacuum cleaner. Whenever he went to use it, there was poor suction. One day he thought he would find out what was…