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Apple of Discord Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Greek Mythology and Eris

Greek mythology is a vast subject with a seemingly infinite number of members. Consequently, only the chief individuals such as, Zeus, Hera, Athena and Ares, are well-known. Often forgotten are the so-called minor goddesses, the goddesses who lurk behind the curtains. Surprisingly, such a “negligible” goddess caused the greatest dispute in all of Greek mythology. The Greek Word ‘Eris’ means strife. Although Strife is an abstract idea, Eris is referred to as a goddess (Blackwell 72). Although Eris is not well-known in Greek mythology, “[h]er influence can be felt in every quarrel, feud and disagreement on the face of the earth and on the heights of Mount Olympos (Olympus). ” (Stewart). Eris is a daughter of Erebus and the goddess…