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Appalachia Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Culture, Ethnicity, and Health Care Practices

1. Identify two religious or spiritual practices in which members of the Evans Family may engage for treating hypertension, diabetes, and mental illness. In the text, the Evan’s family is introduced as an African-American family, and members of the Baptist church. Members of this family have been diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, and mental illness, diseases that the family may attempt to treat through religious of spiritual practices. Daily prayer may be a spiritual/religious practice used by the Evans family to treat the mentioned health conditions. “African-Americans consider themselves spiritual beings, and sickness is viewed as a separation between God and man” (Purnell, 2003, p. 49). In an attempt to get closer to God, daily prayer would be viewed as a…

Industrialization and Appalachia

Industrialization and Appalachia The Industrial revolution did not “skip over” Appalachia but the native mountain people did not benefit from the effects of industrialization and were left in a worse situation. The stereotype of the Appalachian people that was formed prior to the industrialization era was that mountain people were noble, savage, independent, proud, rugged, dirty and uneducated. The industrialists to promote economic development and industrialization of Appalachia used this backward image of the Appalachian people. They believed that the native Appalachian people were incapable of developing the Appalachian Mountains natural resources on their own. However in trying to keep up with the modern world during the industrial revolution the people of Appalachia were doomed to their pre-industrial image. Until…