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Antonio Essay Topics & Paper Examples

How does Shakespeare compare and contrast the characters of Antonio and Shylock in the trial scene?

Shakespeare portrays the characters Shylock and Antonio in the trial scene to be victims of the trial scene. In my opinion, Shylock is the main victim as he is discriminated for following a different religion to everyone else in the court. Being a Jew meant that the other people in the court were racist against Shylock meaning that they treated him unfairly in comparison to Antonio; who was helped in every way so that he could win the trial and Shylock would not get his pound of flesh. Shakespeare uses language to create an impression of what the characters are like for the audience so they consider what the situation is like for both of the characters. Continuing with language,…

The Merchant of Venice the Three Caskets

The Three Caskets Three caskets; one of gold, one of silver, and one of lead. Three caskets are set before many suitors who all would like to take Portia of Belmont’s hand in marriage. But Portia’s father’s will states that each suitor who wishes to take Portia’s hand in marriage, must choose one of the three caskets and the one who chooses the correct casket may have the fair Portia’s hand in holy matrimony. This trial, designed by Portia’s late father, allows him to screen through his daughter, Portia’s many suitors; even after his death. Dashing, confident and eloquent; The Prince of Morocco was the first to first of Portia’s suitors to attempt the trial for Portia’s hand in marriage….